ej strickland, by shervin lainez

This is what true leadership looks like. Action. Not prayers. We need more Jacinda Arderns in this world. #jacindaarden #newzealandsfinest #trueleader #warriorsforpeace https://t.co/kiv0H76xbR

The gang is finally back together again!! The E.J. Strickland Quintet will be at Le Cheval Blanc tonight in Strasbourg!! 8:30pm See y'all soon. 👊🏾🔥❤ #ejstricklandquintet #tonight #lechevalblanc #strasbourg🇫🇷 E.J. Strickland - drums
Godwin Louis - alt… https://t.co/r1KAaMqXIZ

Looking forward to playing tonight w Simona Premazzi's Dream Team 5tet at Fat Cat - 7pm!! See you there. 👊🏾🔥❤ Simona Premazzi - piano
Phillip Dizack - trumpet
Mark Shim - tenor sax
Pablo Menares - bass
E.J. Strickland - drums https://t.co/Pq6nKEiSNU

Visit https://t.co/iJ8dpxCnuq to view all upcoming performances w The E.J. Strickland Quintet/TransientBeings plus sideman dates & tours!! Upcoming tours:

March 19th - 23rd, France, The E.J. Strickland Quintet

April 3rd - 9th, Mexico, The E.J. Strickl… https://t.co/GBOXuPJ4ku

Staying motivated.. Trying to maintain peace.. Staying on the path.. 😌 #warriorsforinnerpeace https://t.co/2OprEzZfaC

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